Dr. Michael Amaegberi (JP)
The Executive Secretary

About Us

The Bayelsa State Higher Education Student Loan Board was specially created by the Restoration Government of Gov. Henry Seriake Dickson to provide unfettered access to loans for tertiary education in the state.

The Bayelsa State Higher Education Student Loan Board was established to offer financial assistance to financially challenged students of Bayelsa State origin enrolled in various higher institutions nationwide.

We offer the provision of financial loans to aid the educational advancement and human capacity development targeted at building the manpower base of the state.

  1.  Increase equitable access to technical and higher education in the state
  2. Facilitate the mobilization of Funds to provide interest free revolving loans to State indigenes studying in institutions of higher learning in the country for the payment of tuition fees and other related expenses.
  3. Ensure constant and sustainable supply of loans to qualified students’ applicants for the purpose of providing qualitative education.
  4. Provide opportunities for qualified students of Bayelsa State origin who may not be able to afford higher education on their own
  5. Ensure a balance in discipline and competence diversity in higher education in the State.
  6. Develop and support course critical to the development of the State and to ensure quality education to indigenous students through quality assurance and supervision; and
  7.  Create a pool and guaranteed supply of competent manpower in Bayelsa State.
  1. 1. Supervise, coordinate, administer and monitor the management of the students’ loan scheme in the State;

  2. 2. Develop requirements, guidelines, criteria and modalities for qualification, disbursement and repayment or loans

  3. 3. Control, monitor and coordinate the student loan account/fund and ensure compliance in respect of disbursement and repayment.

  4. 4. Monitor and maintain information on academic records, year of graduation, national service and employment in order to ensure that they commence repayment of the loan as when due

  5. 5. Liaise with the employers of the grantees and conclude documentation with employers to ensure that the required sum to be deducted from the grantees salary and remitted to the student loan fund/account as directed by the Board.

  6. 6. Exercise all legal rights towards, recovering all loans and enforcing the provisions of this law

  7. 7. Issue a report to the House of Assembly and the Governor on the performance of the student Loan on quarterly basis;

  8. 8. Notwithstanding any provisions of the law or any other legislation applicable in the State; provide rules and guidelines including methods of application, qualification, criteria and proof of identification to prevent multiple allocation to an individual impersonator to non-existing person and similar vices;

  9. 9. Enter into any negotiation, agreement, contractual relationship, such as may be necessary or expedient for the discharge of the functions of the Board; and

  10. 10. Conduct studies, researches, investigations that may further the attainment of the goal and development of the students’ loan scheme in the State.